Chapter 4. Installing Awesum

Table of Contents

For Fedora Core and other RPM-based distributions
For other flavors of Linux and UNIX-like systems
For Microsoft Windows systems

For Fedora Core and other RPM-based distributions

  1. Download the binary RPM distribution of Awesum. It will be a file of the form awesum-x.y.z-n.noarch.rpm, where x.y.z is the version number and n is the RPM release number.

  2. Install the RPM package you just downloaded using the following command:

    $ rpm -Uvh awesum-x.y.z-n.noarch.rpm


    The '$' symbol in the command lines above is a typical UNIX command prompt and should not be typed as part of the commands. Also, be sure to replace the x.y.z portion of the file name with the actual version number for Awesum.

  3. The RPM package integrates Awesum into the system by adding it to your path. To run Awesum, simply type the following command:

    $ awesum