Chapter 5. Using Awesum

This chapter is intended to be a quick walk through of how to use Awesum. (It even has some pictures for people like me who hate to read.)

  1. Invoke Awesum using one of the methods described in the previous chapter.

  2. You will now be presented with the following window.

  3. Copy the expected checksum for the file you want to verify and paste it into the Expected Checksum box. (To achieve this, right click on the Expected Checksum box and select paste.)


    If you forget to enter an expected checksum value, Awesum will remind you and stubbornly refuse to continue until you do enter one. The following screen shot is an example of this:

  4. Click the Go! button. A file selection dialog will show up on your screen. Select the file that you want to verify the checksum of and click OK.

  5. A progress window will now appear on your screen indicating how much of the checksum operation is complete.

  6. Upon completion of the checksum operation, a window will show up on your screen indicating whether or not the checksums matched. If the expected checksum matches the checksum that was just computed, the following window will appear on your screen:

    Otherwise, you will see this window: